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An Evolution in VCI Rust Prevention

V80M3 Rust Prevention Testing
The Inhibitor has long been the number one supplier of VCI for both retail consumers, and in industrial manufacturing.  The Inhibitor was founded on innovative applicators infused with the most advanced rust prevention product ever created, our patented Inhibitor V80 VCI formula.  Since then we have continued to push the bar making small advancements to our ever improving formula. 

Our last major improvement was our V80 M2 formula which became available in 2005.  Though the product showed improvement over the traditional formula the cost of the new formula kept this product out of the hands of our valued retail consumers.  The M2 formula was available for industrial use only. 

Not Good Enough

When Inventor and Company President Jeff Sorensen founded The Inhibitor he did so to make his product available outdoor enthusiasts like himself. Though he was happy with the performance of his new formula, he was not satisfied.  He wanted to keep providing hunters, fishermen and auto enthusiasts with the best products available.  

The Inhibitor V80 has always provided great results and was far above industry standards. For Jeff that wasn't good enough.  He wanted to figure out a way to make his M2 industrial formula available to his other consumers.  A great deal of time and effort was put into satisfying Jeff's mission.  In late 2009 he had another breakthrough.  

The Birth of V80M3

V80M3 Nano-VCI TechnologyIn his effort to make the M2 formula affordable for all his customers, Jeff found even more.  

With the advancement of nano-technology, Jeff and his team were able to improve on the M2 formula and still keep it affordable for all the customers who use The Inhibitor.  The new technology was dubbed V80M3 and the best rust prevention product on the market got even better.  

Testing Begins

In 2010 Jeff and his team began testing the new V80M3 formula.  The image above shows the result of one such test.  

Two metal coupons were used for this particular test. The control was left untreated, and the other was treated with The Inhibitor's new V80M3 Nano-VCI formula.  Both were saturated with a 5% salt water solution and allowed to fully dry for 24 hours.  They were both then saturated again. The pictures show the metal plates 1152 hours later.