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VCI Snap Caps with Rust PreventionThe Inhibitor VCI Snap Caps offer versatility that no other snap caps can offer. Not only can you use them to safely dry fire your gun, but our VCI Snap Caps offer rust prevention as well. We start with the industry leading Inhibitor VCI rust prevention. This rust prevention product is infused in our patented snap cap style plugs. We offer VCI Snap Caps with rust prevention for Shotguns including 12 gauge snap caps and 20 gauge snap caps, as well Center Fire Snap Caps for Rifles.
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The Inhibitor VCI Corrosion Protection Plug - Super Plug Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor Toolbox Plug -Protect your Tools and Toolbox from rust and corrosion with The Inhibitor VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) Toolbox Emitter. Rust Protection for up to 3 years with a single anti rust Toolbox plug.  Stop Rust!
The Inhibitor Plug

Inhibitor Corrosion Prevention Toolbox Plug Don't let Rust and Corrosion ruin your expensive tools.