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Fishing Tackle Rust and Corrosion Prevention

prevent rust on fishing tackle

How can I protect my fishing tackle and other fishing equipment from corrosion and rust?

Protecting your fishing gear from rust and corrosion has never been easier, or more effective. The Inhibitor VCI offers unrivaled corrosion and rust prevention to protect your lures, hooks, reels, and more. Fishing tackle is a magnet for rust and corrosion. Fishermen can spend as much time cleaning their tackle as actually using if they are not careful.

Many people do not fully appreciate the money and time serious fishers put into building their collection of lures, let alone the time spent keeping up their investment. Rust will damage the hooks / split ring and the body of the lure if you are not careful. Sure with some time and elbow grease the rust can usually be cleaned off the lure, but often times it can not and your investment, or worse your favorite lucky lure, can be irreparidly damaged by corrosion and rust.
With our specialized volatile corrosion inhibitor you can be sure that you never loose any of your fishing equipment to rust. What's more, The Inhibitor VCI even protects fishing tackle from salt water. Salt water spends up the rust and corrosion process like nothing else. With The Inhibitor rust prevention products not even salt water will cause your fishing tackle to rust or corrode.
Industrial Strength Rust Prevention
The Inhibitor Premium VCI
Inhibitor Nano-VCI Technology
Inhibitor Nano-VCI Technology
Nano-VCI Technology
New VCI TechnologyV80M3