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The Ultimate Rust and Corrosion Prevention System

Golden Rod

Over the last 30 years, there have been many products introduced to help fight the problems of rust and corrosion, but two stand out head and shoulders above the rest and when combined they offer virtually a full proof solution. First product that has been around for 30+ years and is the staple for protecting gun cabinets and safes is the heating/dehumidifying rod know throughout the world as the “Golden Rod”. There are many inferior knock off’s but only one true Golden Rod. When purchasing your Golden Rod, make sure it is a true Golden Rod brand product. The Golden Rod is mounted in your safe, gun cabinet or enclosed area and generates a consistent temperature 24 hrs a day. This is very important since temperature fluctuation is a major cause of rust and corrosion. The Golden Rod while keeping a constant temperature helps reduce humidity another cause of rust and corrosion while at the same time provides a friendly protective environment for your gun stocks as well.

The Inhibitor VCI

The second product delivers 50+ years of proven industrial corrosion protection called The Inhibitor Super Plug. The Inhibitor Super Plug offers a VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) system that hangs in your gun cabinet, safe or enclosed area and constantly emits a non toxic vapor that blends with moisture and oxygen eliminating rust and corrosion. The Inhibitor VCI technology will penetrate into the smallest cracks and crevices while at the same time placing a very thin micron wall of protection on all your metal surfaces. The Inhibitor Super Plug is designed to protect a wide variety ferrous and non-ferrous metals to include Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Copper.

Golden Rod and The Inhibitor VCI

Why the two products work so well together to prevent rust.

When combining these two products together, you get the ultimate rust and corrosion prevention system or “Moisture control system” for your valuable metal products. The heat from the Golden Rod helps keep your enclosure at a constant temperature which is very important while The Inhibitor’s vapors neutralize moisture and oxygen creating a perfect environment to store your products for long term storage with protection against rust.