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Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors - Protect Tools from Rust and Corrosion, Save Your Time and Money!

Rust and Corrosion InhibitorsRust and corrosion of metal effects our tools we use for work, and the tools we use to get away from work. From a rusted Craftsman wrench, rusty hooks in a tackle box, or a rusting firing mechanism in our gun we hate rust. So how do we protect tools from the elements? With rust and corrosion inhibitors you can protect your tools by not allowing the corrosion process to ever start.

What are rust and corrosion inhibitors, how do they work?

When metal is exposed to air and moisture a process of corrosion begins. This process is called commonly referred to rusting. Technically rust refers only to the oxidation of iron, but people often refer to all metal corrosion as rust. As the name suggests, rust and corrosion inhibitors, prevent or delay corrosion. This can be achieved an any number of different ways depending on the metal you are trying to protect. Some rust and corrosion inhibitors act as a coating, bonding with the metal to give it a layer of rust protection for your metal. The problem with this is not all metal can be coated. Tools can be, and sometimes are coated with an annodized layer of rust proteciton, but those of us who "use our tools" know that we can wear through any type of coating they can throw at us. When you buy new tools or parts you will sometimes notice they come wrapped in a paper that looks like craft paper. This paper is coated in a different kind of rust and corrosion inhibitor. It is called volatile corrosion inhibitor, or VCI. VCI has been used on an industrial side for many years due to its proven success with protecting metal from rust. VCI is different than other corrosion inhibitors in that it coats the metal penetrating into the smallest crevices and emits a vapor that bonds with the moisture. As it bonds with the moisture in the air it prevents rust and corrosion from ever starting.

If VCI rust and corrosion inhibitors work so well why haven't I heard of it before?

VCI was limited in its application due to its distribution method. It was only available on craft paper in huge bulk making it impractical for the average person to obtain.This restricted its use to mostly industrial, and limited commercial rust prevention applications. Several years ago Van Patten Industries changed all that with the development of The Inhibitor VCI emitters. The Inhibitor protects tools from rust and corrosion using VCI technology in convenient emitters. These emitters come in various styles, from a patented rust protection shotgun shell, that lets you protect your firing mechanisms, to toolbox VCI emitters that protect tools from rust and corrosion. The Inhibitor also offers rust prevention spray with the V80 oil in an aerosol can. V80 is also available in a squeeze bottle as well as a rust and corrosion inhibiting grease.

See what a Professional Stock Car Pit Crew Coach has to say.

“Based on my own testing, I would strongly recommend The Inhibitor.”

Andy Papathanassiou, Professional Stock Car Pit Crew Coach
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