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Corrosion and Rust Protection For Long Term Gun Storage

How can I protect my gun from rust while in long term storage?

Rust Protection Long Term Gun Storage SolutionsMost of us have put up our guns at the end of the hunting season after thoroughly cleaning them, only to find them with surface rust when we go to take them out again.  We then spend time and effort working with solvents and other "magical rust removers" to clean the gun we were cleaning the last time we held it.  It seems a little redundant, and is most frustrating, when all you want to do is shoot the darn thing.  There are a plethora of products you can use to remove rust from your gun, but what about a rust protection product that actually stops the rust from ever forming.

The Inhibitor Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor provides superior rust protection for guns, and all other types of metal as well. A little history on VCI....
VCI has been used by industrial manufactures for more than 50 years to eliminate rust both during the manufacturing process and during shipping. Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor proved especially useful because it can be used to prevent rust on untreated metal as it passes through the manufacturing process.  It also has been used extensively to protect metal products as they ship and wait to be purchased.  Imagine the frustration of receiving a new set of brake rotors that were already rusty. VCI makes sure that doesn't happen.

 The Inhibitor refined the industrial Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor and made their VCI nano-technology available for aftermarket uses including, but certainly not limited to, long term gun storage.  When you store your gun for long periods of time oxygen and moisture are your enemy.  They permeate the metal and the corrosion process begins.  Many oils and lubricants contain alcohols which cause them to dry up over time.  They may help ward off the elements in the beginning but as your gun sits in storage they evaporate and your gun is left exposed.  The Inhibitor's VCI nano-technology penetrates the smallest crevices of your gun metal and creates a protective barrier. The barrier wards off moisture and oxygen preventing the corrosion process from ever starting. The best part, our VCI contains no alcohol or other chemicals that can cause it to evaporate. 

Our rust protection products have a multitude of uses. For this article we will focus on our rust protection products for guns. It all started with our VCI emitting snap caps.  12 gauge snap cap, and 20 gauge snap cap style emitters that fit in the barrel of your shotgun and provide the ultimate rust protection for the interior mechanisms of your gun. These same products can be attached to your safe to protect all metal items contained therein. Since then we have also created center fire snap caps to protect your rifle, and pistol plugs to protect handguns from rust and corrosion.  With the success of these products for long term gun storage with rust protection, came The Inhibitor Super Plug. A larger VCI emitter that fastens to your gun safe or other enclosed area and provides 216 cubic feet of rust protection for up to one full year. 

VCI Gun Sleeve - Long Term Gun StorageOur VCI Covers also provide long term gun storage solutions, as well as a way to protect your gun everyday while you are using it. The rust protection gun shields and gun socks help protect your gun from rust while in your gun case. Most people don't realize that the foam cushioning inside your gun case acts as sponge, soaking up moisture and providing a breeding environment for rust and corrosion. You can use our gun shields and gun socks for long term storage if you do not have an enclosed area away from moisture.

The Inhibitor VCI rust protection products are superior for long term gun storage, but don't discount their capabilities for everyday use to protect against rust and corrosion. We have gun cleaning oils and degreasers that offer the same rust protection as our long term gun storage products. As stated above our gun sleeves an gun socks are great for daily protection against rust while you are out on one of your hunting excursions. The Inhibitor is dedicated to providing reliable rust protection for both long term gun storage and every day protection.  Check out our Gun Storage Products for more details on long term gun storage with rust protection products.
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