The Inhibitor offers vendors an opportunity to sell the industry leading Rust and Corrosion Prevention Products as inhibitor Distributors.

We have worked hard to develop products that deliver on their promises. Because of this focus we boast a near 75% return rate due to satisfied customers. What this means to you as a distributor is a higher return on investment when collecting new customers. 

If you would like to learn about becoming a Distributor Please Contact Us: 

Van Patten Industries
1-877-INHIBIT (877) 464-4248

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 6694
Rockford, IL 61125

We also have an affiliate program that will allow you to make money while referring people to the best rust and corrosion products.  We have set up The Inhibitor Affiliate Program to make it easy for you to make money recommending the products you already love to use.  This also allows users without an e-commerce site to sell products through direct product links through your affiliate id.  It acts as a free way to experiment with selling our products.  If you are considering becoming a Distributor of The Inhibitor, you can sample the success without coming out of pocket.  Simply set up a few product pictures and descriptions on one of your site pages and link them to product pages with your affiliate id and you will get commissions for every sale without the upfront cost of becoming a distributor.

To sign up for The Inhibitor Affiliate Program for Free click the banner below.

Rust and Corrosion Product Affiliate Opportunity
*Note: you have to be registered as a customer to become an affiliate, but you do not have to make a purchase to qualify.