"The many acidic targets that I utilize on all my live shows creates a very aggressive corrosion problem for my Benelli Guns! This is why I use The Inhibitor System. It has protected my guns from corrosion for the entire year. Visit one of my live shows, step up and look for yourself. You'll easily see why The Inhibitor has my vote!"
Tom Knapp
Professional Exhibition Shooter

"All things sporting goods play a major role in the Nugent Family American Dream quality of life, and The Inhibitor has upgraded that dream substantially as a protector of these sporting goods. We use and abuse our guns and gear hardcore year round, and The Inhibitor line of products keeps our equipment in warrior preparedness. I am the Inhibitor of rock-n-roll."
Ted Nugent
The Master of Rock-n-Roll

"Unbelievable protection, the Inhibitor is definitely the product to use when fighting rust."
Knight & Hale,
Knight & Hale Game Calls

"Invest in the best, use The Inhibitor! It keeps your tackle like new. I can only say two words about The Inhibitor System – It works!"
Ted Takasaki
World Walleye Champion

“The Inhibitor is the best rust preventative product I’ve ever seen.”
Stacey King,
World Class Bass Pro

"Inhibitor Pro Chips in my tackle box keep my hooks rust-free and razor sharp, which is critical for musky fishing."
Pete Maina
Professional Musky Fisherman

“Based on my own testing, I would strongly recommend The Inhibitor.”
Andy Papathanassiou,
Professional Stock Car Pit Crew Coach

"As a Hunter and Manufacturer of the Rdi-50 Muzzleloader, The Inhibitor is the best product I have ever used for preventing rust and corrosion."
Tim Lenartz
President of Lenartz Muzzleloading Inc.

“If you hunters want to protect your guns, get The Inhibitor.”
Eric Vander Weit,
Bow Hunter

“The Inhibitor is the best line of protection on the market.”
Brendan Walsh,
Rock Hollow Conservation Club

"The Inhibitor is the only product when it comes to protecting my equipment."
Bob Zimmerman

"Thanks for bringing us the Inhibitor it's an awesome product."
Mark Rizk
World Class Bass Pro

“I developed this product for my need and that of my friends. I think The Inhibitor is the best rust reventative product I’ve ever used or sold — that is why I invented it.”
Jeff Sorensen,
Inventor, The Inhibitor System

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